Drawers full of deliciousness.

For now-obvious reasons, 2020 has been a big year for pizza delivery. In fact, maybe we're at the point where a single pizza just doesn't get the job done for us anymore. One could argue that ordering multiple pizzas at a time cuts down on unnecessary delivery (and fees) while keeping you fed. Frankly, it's just the responsible thing to do. 

Pizza Hut would seem to agree—at least if the fact that they've put together what amounts to a triple-decker pizza box. Just in time to accommodate holiday feasts, they've unveiled a Triple Treat Box that essentially functions like a magic chest of drawers that's filled with treats. 

pizza hut triple treat box
Credit: Pizza Hut

As the Triple Treat Box's labeling notes, this is "Two pizzas.. Three courses. All the cheer." Specifically, that means two medium-sized one-topping pizzas. On top of that there's five breadsticks and (the piece de resistance) 10 mini cinnamon rolls, because no holiday celebration would be complete without some sort of dessert that could also be eaten for breakfast the next day. 

Retailing for $20.99 at Pizza Hut locations nationwide, it's probably the easiest gifting decision you'll make this December, especially once you consider that it essentially comes pre-wrapped in a festive holiday pattern. If you're willing to splurge on this gift for yourself, you can mix in additional toppings and more exotic crust options as well.  

So while you may be disappointed you couldn't get your hands on Pizza Hut's 15-pound weighted blanket, you need not miss on receiving a gift of sorts from a major pizza chain entirely. Whether you're lucky enough to have some folks in your bubble to share the Triple Treat Box with or not, this bundle of joy can at least make a meal or two or three a bit merrier and brighter.