Read a book, get some pizza. 

Back in those bygone days when kids didn't spend hours every day staring at a screen before they even knew how to read, Pizza Hut had the bright idea to bribe kids into reading by coaxing them with free pizza. There are definitely at least a smattering of highly literate millennials out there whose lifelong love of reading can, improbably, be traced back to Pizza Hut. 

Now, after a long hiatus, the Hut's broader "Newstalgia" campaign will bring back Book It! to a new generation of readers. From June through August, Pizza Hut will be supporting Camp Book It! which aims to focus as a reading-focused edutainment experience that can help compensate for the fact that summer camps might not yet be up and running as normal in 2021. 

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Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty Images

While Book It! may look a little different in the post-dial up era, it's still pretty easy for parents to use and kids to enjoy. Adults can register their 4-12 year-olds on the Camp Book It! Site now. From June through August, parents will get reading recs for their kids and track their progress online. They'll also get inspiration and ideas for other (relatively educational) activity ideas they can use to keep kids entertained this summer. 

Most importantly, though, there's still free pizza involved. As kids meet their reading goals, Pizza Hut will email their parents a coupon code good for one Personal Pan Pizza hut that can be used in-store, online, or over the phone if you're feeling particularly nostalgic. 

Sure, you could argue that America's approach to childhood nutrition has changed a little bit since Book It!'s heyday. But if the promise of a free pizza is enough to get your tween off of Roblox and into a book, it's worth a shot.