Enjoy your appetizer and pizza in one tasty bite.

Pizza Hut has eliminated the need to juggle pizza boxes with containers of side dishes. Their newest menu item, Mozzarella Poppers Pizza, is sure to satisfy your cheesy cravings in one baked pie.

The Mozzarella Poppers Pizza has a crust lined with 16 crunchy mozzarella squares. Each cheesy square features a mix of Parmesan, Italian seasonings, garlic, onion, and (of course) mozzarella cheese. And just to make things extra flavorful, each order comes with two sides of marinara sauce for dipping your mozzarella bites, pizza, or both.

This isn't the first unusual pizza innovation of the year, with DiGiorno releasing a Buffalo chicken pizza featuring a ranch-stuffed crust in January and dill pickle pizza being shipped nationwide from a local restaurant in Minnesota. So far, 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for pizza lovers.

The Mozzarella Poppers Pizza will be available at Pizza Hut locations nationwide for delivery, carry-out, or dining in for a limited time, so grab a slice while you can.

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