Deliver a pizza… to yourself.

For logistical reasons, acquiring pizza tends to operate a little differently than other types of fast food. There's historically been much more of an emphasis on delivery, with both local and national pizza joints willing to take their product directly out of the oven and drop it off at your door for decades before Seamless had any seed funding. 

But a year into a pandemic that's fundamentally altered our relationship with where and how we eat, Pizza Hut is leaning into our changing consumer habits and hoping that we'll be willing to go to where the pizza is. 

That comes in the form of their new "The Hut Lane," a pickup window rolling out to more than 1,500 Pizza Huts nationwide and counting. According to info from a press release, the goal is to offer "safety, convenience and speed without customers ever having to park their cars." 

pizza hut "hut lane" concept
Credit: Pizza Hut

The Hut Lane won't work like an old school drive-thru, because making a pizza to order like that would inevitably lead to some very long lines of cars. Instead, customers will place orders ahead of time online, over the phone, or through the Pizza Hut app. Once their order's in, they'll simply pull up to The Hut lane, get their order, and drive away. Presumably there's also curbside pickup if your order isn't ready yet, because that could potentially create some sort of logjam. 

Given that even a pizza place is investing in drive-thru infrastructure, the idea of getting food without getting out of your car is clearly experiencing something of a renaissance. Shake Shack is in the process of proving that no burger joint is too classy for the car-friendly option, and even 7-Eleven of all places is testing out the concept. 

So if you've ever wondered what it's like to deliver pizzas, The Hut Lane may be about as close as you can get without filling out a job application. Just make sure to give yourself a nice tip.