This Pizza Hut Fan Favorite From the '90s Is Returning for a Limited Time

Get it while it's hot!

A modern-day Pizza Hut storefront.
Photo: Pizza Hut

That red pavilion-style roof atop Pizza Hut restaurants was a beacon for delicious food for many 90s kids, myself included. I used to read a million minutes just to get a coupon for the free personal pan pizza of my dreams.

In the 90s, we moved from the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to Iowa. And let me tell you—pizza in Iowa is nothing like pizza on the East Coast. But then, in 1999, Pizza Hut released a solution to my problem: The Big New Yorker Pizza.

A large pepperoni pizza with slices being pulled from the box with the Pizza Hut Big New Yorker logo on top.
Pizza Hut

I was so excited for that release that I made my mom plan a whole birthday party around having that exact pizza as the star of the show. So what was it exactly? The Big New Yorker was a 16-inch pizza cut into large slices that had a thin, foldable crust (you know, so you can form a delectable grease river) topped with sweet marinara sauce, extra cheese, and a Parmesan-oregano seasoning.

It disappeared from menus almost as quickly as it arrived, and disappointed fans everywhere banded together to form petitions begging the company to bring it back. And now, 24 years later, it's finally returning to menus. The Big New Yorker will be available in participating Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide for a limited-time only starting February 1, and Hut Rewards members will get exclusive access to try the pizza starting January 31.

One order of The Big New Yorker extra-large pizza comes with double pepperoni, or one choose-your-own topping for a price starting at $13.99. Orders can be customized with extra toppings or extra cheese for an additional charge.

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