Pink Chicken Sandwiches Are Flying Out The Door At KFCs In China

Yikes or YAY? KFC introduced a colorful new sandwich China that should inspire aww's or eww's depending on where people stand on the issue of eating pink food. This rose-colored creation is described as a roast chicken sandwich built on a pink bun, and it's not the first time buns have been tinted for affect. McDonald's sold burgers on black squid ink buns in Japan last Halloween. Scary or so very cool?

KFC Pink Bun
KFC is serving sandwiches on pink buns in China. Photo via KFC.

For a look at these sandwiches in real life, check out the super-fun blog, Kotaku. Quick verdict: Not nearly as cute as they should be.

And big high fives to the U.K.'s Daily Mail for taking a spin around the world, tagging the strangest burgers along the way.

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