Pillsbury Rolls Out Two Limited-Edition Cookie Doughs for Valentine's Day

And you can eat them raw.

Usually, the phrase "eat[ing] your feelings" has a rather negative connotation. Usually those feelings are of sadness or pain, with the emotional eating used to stuff those sentiments down. But what if you could eat more positive feelings like love and affection instead?

Well, maybe you and your loved ones can find out this Valentine's Day, with an assist from two limited-edition Pillsbury cookie doughs that get to the heart of what February's most amorous day is all about.

Both of these ready-to-bake cookie doughs adopt the iconography of the heart in different but equally delicious ways. First up, the Hearts Shape™ sugar cookie dough takes those classic circular Pillsbury sugar cookies and loads them up with red and pink hearts. So if you want to acknowledge February 14 without really changing up your cookie routine all that much, this is the way to do it.

new pillsbury hearts and heart shape sugar cookie doughs

If you want to break free from the tyranny of circular Pillsbury sugar cookies, the Heart Cutout option is probably the way to go. Divided equally between 10 white and ten pink cookies, these provide an easy way to hand a piece of your heart to someone special without doing much more than turning on the oven.

In fact, you don't even have to turn on the oven if you don't want to. Both of these heart-themed cookie doughs are designated as safe to eat raw, meaning it's possible to enjoy some Valentine's Day treats with literally zero effort if you so choose. If you're planning on showing someone you care, however, you might want to go through the process of actually baking them.

Both of these particular Pillsbury products should be available at retailers nationwide in the runup to February 14. They may not say as much as those conversation hearts, but these cookies will still send a strong message of love to whoever you share them with.

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