Your oven deserves a break.
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For the entirety of my, your, or any other living person's lifetime, Pillsbury has encouraged its customers to handle the baking. Sure, they've introduced a host of ready-made cookie doughs and other products that can simplify and shorten the process, but (with only one other exception) it's always been on the end user to turn on the oven to bring what Pillsbury makes to life. 

Arriving almost exactly a year into the pandemic to help out those who got too burnt out on baking last spring, Pillsbury is launching its own line of Soft Baked Cookies, marking the first time their cookies have come with no assembly required. Essentially, this is the first Pillsbury cookie ever sold that would probably taste significantly worse if placed in the oven immediately after purchase. 

pillsbury soft baked cookies in peanut butter chocolate chip
Credit: Pillsbury

The good news is that you don't have to do any work in order to enjoy the deliciousness these cookies have to offer. Relying on a blend of shortening and real butter to exhibit their namesake trait, these Soft Baked Cookies come in Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch & Chocolate Chip, Confetti, Sugar with Drizzled Icing, and Peanut Butter with Chocolatey drizzle. That means pretty much every corner of the cookie flavor spectrum is covered with the exception of oatmeal raisin, which I think we can all agree doesn't really count. 

Set to make an appearance at Walmart locations this month, these Soft Baked Cookies join Pillsbury's Already Baked snack cakes as the only way to enjoy Pillsbury products with literally zero effort on your part. You'll find them available at a wider array of nationwide retailers beginning in April. 

So if the oven's on the fritz or you simply can't stand the idea of having to bake your own cookies, Pillsbury is here to assure you that help is on the way. Conversely, you can take Pillsbury's take on a pre-baked cookie as a challenge to live up to the next time you do feel like baking— after all, that just means you'll end up with more cookies around. 

Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies Confetti, 18 ct
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