These Pillsbury Brownies and Cinnamon Rolls Are Ready to Eat in Just Seconds

New Cornbread Swirls also put cornbread on the table faster than baking a whole pan.

two boxes of Pillsbury Heat & Eat Cinnamon Rolls and Brownies
Photo: Pillsbury

Pillsbury knows home bakers are a wee bite impatient. This year, they've rolled out all-new safe-to-eat raw cookie and brownie doughs for their entire line, because who has time to wait for cookies to bake? Now they're releasing two nearly-ready-to-eat baked goods that just require a few seconds in the microwave to be piping hot and perfectly cooked.

The new Pillsbury Heat & Eat Brownies and Cinnamon Swirls are refrigerated treats that are ready to eat in 30 seconds or less, straight from the box. Each box contains four individually-wrapped microwavable brownies or cinnamon swirls, so you can heat one for a solo sweet, or heat all four to serve your friends or family.

The cinnamon swirls would be great to keep on hand for when you have an overnight guest and want to offer them a warm and fresh breakfast treat. Keep the brownies in the fridge drawer for a post-dinner splurge, or for when the midnight pangs for something sweet hit.

And because Pillsbury wouldn't leave us with subpar confections, the brownie is topped with a fridge drizzle. The cinnamon rolls are completed with a rich sugary glaze.

Each box of the Heat & Eat Brownies and Cinnamon Swirls will retail for about $4.50. You can find them now in grocery stores nationwide.

A can of Pillsbury Cornbread Swirls on a white background

But because Pillsbury is also all about helping cooks get faster, better baked goods at mealtime, too, they also just released Cornbread Swirls. The individual "swirls" can be baked up to be served with chili or your family's favorite broccoli and chicken casserole. You could even use it in place of a mix in some of these recipes that start with a box of cornbread mix.

Ready in just 20 minutes, this can be a faster (and certainly less messy) alternative to making your own cornbread or rolling out biscuits. Each package comes with six swirls and retails for $2.69. They're already available nationwide in grocery stores.

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