Funfetti's New Blondie Mix Is a Party in a Box

Funfetti's line of colorful baked goods grows again.

funfetti blondie
Photo: Pillsbury

Baking fans, rejoice! Pillsbury just launched a new rainbow treat that will make your summer so much sweeter. The new Pillsbury Baking Funfetti Blondie Mix is a festive blend of fudgy vanilla cake that's dense and chewy like any good brownie, but it's filled with colorful sprinkles and not a speck of chocolate.

The mix, which is currently available at Publix, Menards, and Food Lion, joins the brand's suite of other tasty new releases like Funfetti Pancake and Waffle Mix, Funfetti Unicorn, Funfetti Galaxy Mix, and more. Can't find the Funfetti Blondie Mix at your local store? Additional availability will come in September, so keep your eyes out as the summer continues and heads into fall.

What can you use these for? Any birthday parties this summer, fun gathering for themed patio events, and just a rainy day activity when you're craving something delicious and don't have anything to do!

Plus, kids will love the bright Funetti colors that add a pop to basic fudgy blondies. As for frostings and toppings, play around and see what you like. Most blondies are good enough without a topping, but you can go with vanilla or chocolate buttercream, and you can add rainbow sprinkles on top for an extra bit of color.

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