Why eat one cookie when you can eat two?
a package of Pillsbury Cookie Dough made with OREO cookie pieces on a two-tone yellow background
Credit: Pillsbury

In the cookie world, there's pre-made cookies like Oreo and Chips Ahoy, and then there's fresh, hot-from-the-oven cookies. You can like both, but you can't often have those favorite flavors together.

But now you can.

Pillsbury just announced the launch of Pillsbury Cookie Dough with Oreo Cookie Pieces. These ready-to-bake cookies combine the chocolate wafers and sweet crème filling of Oreo cookies in a sweet cookie base that's easy to break apart and bake — or you can eat it raw.

Each package makes 12 big cookies instead of the 24 that are typical of other Pillsbury cookie dough packages. You can take them straight from the fridge to the oven for a quick post-dinner treat or an after-school pick-me-up. You could even use them where you might use other cookie doughs: as a base for a big cookie cake, as the dough around a cookie for a fantastic stuffed cookie, or for cookie cups.

The packages of Pillsbury Cookie Dough with Oreo Cookie Pieces are rolling out to grocery stores nationwide right now. Some were even spotted earlier this year. Expect to pay a bit more than $3 for a package.

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