No baking required.
Pillsbury Snack Bars
Credit: Pillsbury

There's nothing like taking a bite of a rich, fudgy brownie or birthday cake cookie with sprinkles, but it can be a pain to have to turn the oven on and bake a fresh batch. And it’s even less appealing in the summer when the sun is out and the temperatures are high — sweating over an oven in the kitchen is way less than ideal!

Pillsbury definitely knows the struggle, so they’ve created a new line of birthday cake and brownie bars so you can enjoy the sweet taste of dessert but stay cool as a cucumber.

The new bars come in two flavors: Birthday Cake Bars and Chocolate Fudge Brownies. The birthday cake has a golden color with lots of bright, confetti sprinkles, and it is drizzled with a delicious, creamy white icing. The brownies bar looks super chocolatey, and it is drizzled with a decadent, fudge topping. Both sound amazing — and they’ll hit the spot when you need something sweet to eat on the go.

They were spotted by Instagram user @nitrous.powered.snacks, and Pillsbury has a product page with the two bars, too. Each box has six bars for all your snacking needs. They retail for $3.69 a box, so you might as well get both at once and try them out.

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