Pilgrim's Pride Recalls Nearly 60,000 Pounds of Chicken Nuggets Shipped to Several States

The frozen, ready-to-eat chicken breast nuggets were made May 6, 2020.

Greeley, Colo.-based chicken company Pilgrim's Pride Corporation announced a recall of 59,800 pounds of fully-cooked chicken breast nuggets Sunday, June 28, 2020. According to the recall statement, which was released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service, Pilgrim's Pride issued the recall because of a possible foreign matter contamination.

Earlier this month, Pilgrim's Pride received a consumer complaint about a rubber material in frozen, ready-to-eat chicken breast nuggets. The nuggets were manufactured on May 6, 2020 and packaged in four-pound bags with a "Best-By date of 06 MAY 2021."

The statement added that the bags had "lot code of 0127 printed on the retail package. Product cases contain lot codes 0127105009, 0127105010, 0127105011, 0127105012, 0127105013, 0127105014, 0127105015, or 0127105016 printed on the box."

pilgrim's pride recall

The chicken nuggets were shipped to four states: Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and Texas. If you have one of these bags in your freezer, the USDA recommends you throw the product away or return it to the store where you purchased it. There have been no confirmed injuries or illnesses as a result of the possible contamination. If you believe you may have consumed the chicken in question, the USDA recommends you contact your healthcare provider.

Consumers with questions about their products can contact Pilgrim's Pride Corporation Consumer Relations Manager Ed Tyrrell at 800-321-1470.

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