Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumbles Are the Ultimate Quarantine Hibernation Snack

Step aside, yogurt, it's time for cheesecake.

philadelphia cheesecake crumble
Photo: @foodiewiththebeasts via Instagram

If ever there was a winter for wrapping yourself in a comfortable robe and just hibernating for a few months, it's this one. Ideally, that hibernation process also involves grabbing ahold of the most indulgent food you can find, ideally one with a low effort-to-deliciousness ratio, and just going to town until you're ready for a nap.

Should that sound good to you, it would behoove you to learn about Philadelphia's line of Cheesecake Crumbles, as recently spotted and shared by Instagram scavenger @FoodiewiththeBeasts.

What's happening here? Philadelphia, maker of a cream cheese that often functions as a key cheesecake component, has more or less taken the time, effort, and know-how out of making one of the richest desserts around. Available in "Original" and Strawberry flavors, each Cheesecake Crumble contains a cheesecake base made of cream cheese, plus sugar and butter. Not only that, but it comes complete with graham cracker crumbles that can be mixed in to simulate a crust of sorts.

If you think about it, the Cheesecake Crumble is the perfect food for our current moment. It's like if those yogurt cups with the add-in ingredients weren't healthy, but a decadent dessert perfect for the weeks and months ahead we'll spend (still, somehow) on our couches.

Each Cheesecake Crumble box comes with two dessert cups, which should either encourage you to share with someone else at home or else double down on the goodness yourself. While@FoodiewiththeBeasts' spotting of these took place at Food Lion, it also seems like the Cheesecake Crumbles are already on Instacart as well. Given Philadelphia's big footprint, it shouldn't be too long before these are available near you, too.

So if the start of 2021 has you ready to make the switch from yogurt to cheesecake, your prayers have been answered. Folks, it's time to start eating cheesecake with a spoon.

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