"ThanksNuggets" Are a No-Frills Thanksgiving in a Microwave

It's like chicken nuggets decided to put on a fancy sweater.

perdue thanksnuggets
Photo: Perdue

At this point, it's getting harder and harder to deny that America is at the beginning of what looks like it could be a painful second wave of the pandemic. While there's luckily better testing infrastructure in place than there was in March and April, there's no getting around the fact that Thanksgiving will be a lonelier affair than it usually is for many.

If there's any consolation, though, it's that the remote and/or less formal nature of Thanksgiving in 2020 grants us a rare opportunity to turn turkey day into a lower-maintenance affair than usual. In fact, picking up a new, limited edition Perdue food product could give you a chance to approximate some version of a Thanksgiving dinner with little more than a microwave.

Enter Perdue's ThanksNuggets, which swap out the "traditional" chicken of the nugget for Thanksgiving's showcase bird, the turkey. They're available as Breaded Breast Meat Turkey Nuggets, as well as Breaded Dark Meat Turkey and Cranberry Nuggets, so neither side of the light vs. dark meat debate needs to feel left out of the fun.

According to a press release, it seems like turkey isn't the only Thanksgiving favorite to factor into the taste of these nuggets. Supposedly, the dark meat nuggets (shaped like a drumstick) draw their inspiration from the tastes of cranberry sauce and stuffing, while the white meat nuggets (shaped sorta like the kind of Turkey you'd draw by tracing your hand) somehow incorporate sweet potatoes. I'm not sure what kind of sorcery is at work to make that happen, but at least you can sort of pretend you're getting a complete whole Thanksgiving meal just by popping these in the microwave.

Sold in 24-ounce packages that should be enough to feed a small gathering, Perude sees these ThanksNuggets as a way to have a LazyGiving, because apparently we're just mashing together words now.

"Forget the hours of prep, the brining, the roasting, the mountain of dishes, the fancy place settings this year is all about having a 'LazyGiving,'' VP of Marketing for Perdue's Premium Prepared Foods Tracy Hostetler said in the press release. "Whether you prefer white or dark meat turkey, our ThanksNuggets have got you covered so you can still enjoy your favorite holiday flavors without the effort."

As it turns out, these ThanksNuggets are an ultra-rare offering. Perdue notes that only 100 24-ounce bags will be made available at PerdueFarms.com, starting at noon on Friday, November 13. Once they're gone, you'll have to find some other way to make your LazyGiving plans come to fruition.

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