Pepsi Is Finally Bringing Back a Fan-Favorite Seasonal Flavor After a 1-Year Hiatus

Springtime has a new signature drink. 

A can of Pepsi on a yellow and orange background
Photo: Pepsi/Allrecipes

Pepsi is re-releasing a flavor just in time for spring in collaboration with the ultimate springtime candy. On February 14, Pepsi announced that for a limited time, it's selling a Peeps Marshmallow-Flavored soda to celebrate spring.

The soda comes in a bright-yellow can that has the iconic Peeps packaging we all know and love this time of year. The soda is said to have a cola-marshmallow flavor that fans of both will love.

This is the second brand collaboration between Pepsi and Peeps. After the success of their 2021 campaign that received tons of internet buzz, this sophomore launch of the limited edition soft drink is sure to be a welcome surprise.

"The collaboration is truly unparalleled—a delicious and refreshing treat, celebrated by two loyal fanbases, that brings unapologetic enjoyment to Pepsi and PEEPS® lovers all over the country. Since only a few fans were able to get their hands on the coveted cans last time, we're thrilled to give everyone across the country the chance to indulge in PEPSI® x PEEPS® this time around," said Katelyn Meola, a Pepsi director in a recent press release.

To celebrate the collaboration, Pepsi and Peeps is utilizing a Snapchat feature where people can participate in an AI egg hunt by scanning the code on the limited edition soda cans. If you want to try the Pepsi and Peeps cola-marshmallow soda, check out its availability by searching on Pepsi's website. Whether it tastes like springtime in a can or not, this soda is a novelty item that you won't want to miss.

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