The new cookie celebrates a famous Rockettes' performance.

Pepperidge Farm has a collection of iconic cookies, from Milano to Chessmen and Brussels. They even update these adored sweets with flavors of mint, fruit, and spice at the holiday season. However, they haven't had a new holiday cookie release in a decade — until now.

Just in time for the holidays, Pepperidge Farm and the Rockettes have partnered to release a new holiday cookie, Toy Soldier.

Pepperidge Farm Toy Soldier
Photo: Pepperidge Farm

These rich shortbread cookies are spiced with cinnamon and brown sugar. Each cookie front is delicately stamped with the shape of a saluting toy soldier, inspired by the Rockettes' famous performance of "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers."

In addition to being the first cookie released for the holidays in 10 year, the new Toy Soldier is the official Cookie Partner of the Christmas Spectacular, starring the Radio City Rockettes. Find them in grocery stores nationwide at a cost of $3.89 for a bag of 18 cookies.

Other classic Pepperidge Farm holiday cookies, like Candy Cane Milano and Raspberry Linzer, will also be back this year. Keep an eye out for your holiday cookie needs.