The seasonal bread has been spotted on grocery store shelves already.
Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Swirl Bread
Credit: Pepperidge Farm

If you love the classic Raisin Cinnamon Swirl Bread from Pepperidge Farm, then you will go CRAZY for this spring-time limited-edition flavor that is fruity, sweet, and has the same beautiful swirled design that makes you want to lather a piece up with strawberry butter or jam.

Spotted by Instagram account @unwrappeddaily, the Strawberry Swirl Bread is a thick white bread with strawberry jam swirls throughout each piece. They captioned, "We toasted this and had it with butter but it would be great with strawberry jelly too." The rating? Nine out of ten.

That's pretty good! It seems best with butter, cream cheese, and jam, and the bread itself is not super sweet — just a nice touch of strawberry and fruit forward flavors.

Out for the spring season, it's a special item you won't want to miss out on. So, be on the lookout at local retailers and grocery stores, wherever you would typically buy Pepperidge Farm products, as they are now on the shelves and will last until supplies run out. And if you are not sure if it's in stock, you can always call the grocery store location to ask first.

We cannot wait to try a slice or two out for a sweet snack or a great breakfast toast option!