The cookies will arrive in January.

Are you a big fan of chocolate chip cookies but often have to turn them away because they have gluten? If so, here's a reason for some glee: Pepperidge Farms is releasing their first-ever gluten-free cookie. It's available in the brand's signature Farmhouse® style and in two flavors, Thin & Crispy Milk Chocolate Chip and Butter Crisp!

Now, all those with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance can enjoy the tasty textures and flavors of Pepperidge Farms' classic cookies without getting a stomachache or any discomfort afterwards. How sweet is that?

Butter Crisp and Milk Chocolate
Credit: Pepperidge Farm

You'll be able to snag these bags of cookies at select grocers nationwide, including Target, Publix, and Albertsons, starting in January 2020 for a price of $3.89 a bag. Pepperidge Farm did not give an exact release date, but you can expect them to arrive fairly quickly in the stores. Keep your eyes out for the brand new goodies in the cookie aisle — which is the best aisle, of course!

And even if you can eat the standard cookies, you'll want to try these out! The texture is soft and buttery, so it'll melt in your mouth. There are also thick, delicious chunks of chocolate chips to squash that sweet craving and let you indulge. And with Valentine's Day coming up, it's perfect timing, too! Surprise your sweetie with a bag — it's the ultimate V-day snack or after-dinner treat!

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