Please do not eat the grass.

With our Mardi Gras hangovers behind us, the annual 40-day countdown to Easter is in full swing. Now that we're a bit more used to life in a pandemic than we were when last Easter rolled around, we might as well pass the time by plotting out the perfect Easter basket to put together when the big day rolls around on April 4. 

That process normally involves picking out the perfect slate of chocolate bunnies, pastel jelly beans, and marshmallow peeps. But in 2021, those that really want to go the extra mile with their Easter basket presentation will involve some unexpectedly scented grass 

Yup. In a sign of these strange times, Peeps is bringing the outdoors into Easter baskets with an line of basket-accenting grass meant to smell like the brand's signature marshmallow birds. Available in five fittingly pastel shades of green, yellow, blue, pink, and purple, each pack of festive flora not only smells nice but also looks pretty. Truly, grass has never been such a feast for the senses. 

The grass comes at a time when Peeps is taking a broader view of its products. Recent times have also seen them unveil a "Cookie Coop," which functions as an edible DIY kit for springtime family fun. That comes in addition to the welcome — nay, needed — news that marshmallow Peeps are back in time for Easter after taking Halloween and Christmas off. 

Yellow Candy Chick in Brown Egg Shell
Credit: Stephanie Mull Photography via Getty Images

Naturally, "why does this exist?" is a question you might be asking yourself right now. The thing is, a good Easter basket already needs some kind of straw or grass to keep candies and other treats from jumbling together at the bottom of the basket, and this Peeps product still serves that functional purpose. Also, given that each package only retails for $1 (which makes sense given that it's exclusive to Dollar General stores), it's not like you're paying some exorbitant sum for decorative grass. 

So as long as you warn nearby children not to eat the nice-smelling grass, there's no harm in adding these to an Easter basket or two this April. Just don't expect much if you end up trying to plant it in your lawn.