This is one cute cereal.

If you love Peeps marshmallows and look forward to enjoying them atop a warm hot chocolate in the winter or during Easter, now you can have them in a bowl with milk for breakfast. Peeps' newest version of their breakfast cereal features marshmallow-flavored O-shaped cereal pieces with brightly colored chick- and bunny-shaped marshmallows in shades of yellow, blue, and pink. They're almost too cute to eat. (Almost!)

Kellogg's first introduced a Peeps-branded cereal in January 2019. For 2020, the brand has updated its formula to make it even sweeter and more festive for Easter and springtime. The old cereal had the same color scheme, but the shapes weren't actually bunnies or chicks — which would make sense for the Peeps design, right?

For this year's version, they kept the same vibrant colors and taste but made the shapes of the marshmallow pieces resemble the classic Peeps marshmallows you know and love.

On Instagram, @candyhunting shared the news to much fanfare; the brand's followers were already super excited to try the new updated version. We certainly can't wait to try it out either. You can enjoy it with any milk — almond, soy, dairy — or try a chocolate milk for a bit of cocoa. You can even throw a few marshmallows in a glass of hot chocolate for that sweet fix. The possibilities are endless!

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