Peeps Will Return in Time for Easter

Have you seen them yet?

Things have sure been stressful, challenging, and generally crappy since last Easter, one that's certainly made it more difficult to get ahold of a whole variety of certain foods and products we know and love.

Though the onset of the pandemic and the timing of Easter meant that Peeps, those spongy, pastel balls of marshmallow goodness went into production with enough time before things got really ugly, their presence in Easter baskets in 2021 was much more seriously in doubt.

Thankfully, it looks like those who might've been worried about a Peepless spring have nothing to worry about. After taking off Christmas and Halloween for understandable reasons, there's ample evidence to suggest that the quintessential Easter candy has been resurrected with time to spare.

Just Born Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Marshmallow Peeps Candy
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That news comes from no less of an authoritative source than the brand's own social media accounts. On Twitter, @Peepsbrand recently posted a video of their namesake pastel yellow candy rolling down an assembly line, with an assurance that the time for the return of these marshmallow chicks was almost nigh.

That announcement has been further corroborated by the Instagram account of Candy Funhouse (who wants to pay you handsomely to eat candy). Earlier in January, they shared a wide range of experimental Peeps flavors, ranging from Party Cake and Cotton Candy to the more unconventional Sour Watermelon and Hot Tamales options. In short, there'll be no shortage of Peeps options for your perusal.

Though some of us may not have even noticed that Halloween and holiday-themed Peeps were missing from the shelves, these avian marshmallows have some pretty hardcore fans who surely did. After all, there probably wouldn't be a Peeps-flavored coffee creamer, cereal, or Slurpee if people weren't absolutely crazy about this particular chewy, super-sweet candy.

So if you simply couldn't bear the thought of a spring without Peeps, know that they have risen and will return with plenty of time to spare before Easter Sunday on April 4, and honestly maybe even before Mardi Gras. So cancel whatever plans you had to give up sugar for Lent and start keeping your eyes peeled for some brightly-colored birds in the candy aisle soon.

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