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Pick up a bag while you still can.

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We are with you: Nobody's pecan pie is going to beat the one of your childhood, that your aunt, uncle, family friend, or neighbor baked with love and maybe even an extra hit of vanilla extract.

But sometimes, scratch-made pies just aren't going to happen. Sometimes, you'd rather pick up a handful of candies over a fork and a plate. Sometimes, you're in the mood for chocolate. That's where M&M's Pecan Pie candies come in. As Wide Open Eats shared, the milk chocolate treats are now back for their fifth season and being sold exclusively in-store at Walmart for around $2.98—though they're currently out of stock on the Walmart website.

If you are willing to pay a premium, you can order the M&M's Pecan Pie on Amazon for $10 plus the cost of shipping.

It may still be summer, but we're officially giving ourselves permission to indulge in these candies today. We may even pick up an extra bag to use as a topping for our next pecan pie.

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