Coca-Cola's Peace Tea Wants You to Vote

They've partnered with for an election-season limited-edition can meant to encourage young people to vote.

two cans of Peace Tea vote
Photo: Peace Tea

Even your canned tea wants you to vote this election season. As part of a partnership with the nonpartisan organization, Coca-Cola's Gen-Z focused brand, Peace Tea, is releasing a limited-run of specially designed cans.

The design, which is meant to capture even more attention from Gen-Z consumers, has a scannable icon that will take users to a custom mobile landing page powered by

The page will offer voter registration info, as well as educational resources about how to vote in all 50 states. Eligible voters will be able to register to vote, check registration status, and see local deadlines. Consumers under 18 can sign up for a "pledge to vote" system that will text them a reminder to register on their 18th birthday.

According to Coca-Cola, more than half of Peace Tea consumers are Gen-Z, and 80 percent are under the age of 35, so this campaign is an attempt to engage those younger voters in the upcoming election.

The commemorative cans, which are transforming the brand's classic Just Peachy flavor to "Speak Your Peach" feature the Peace Tea peace sign and the word VOTE spelled out in tie-dyed lettering. The cans are not available for purchase, but are being distributed to journalists and influencers from now until election day.

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