With 99 bottles of beer, you can certainly pass one around.

By Isadora Baum

Running out of beer at a tailgate or holiday party isn't ideal. But there's no longer a need to worry. PBR has everyone covered, as they're now selling a giant case with 99 cans of three different types of PBR beer,


If you live in any of these areas, you'll be able to snag one: Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Florida, New York, South Carolina, Montana, Vermont, California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas, or Colorado. And if you don't, well hopefully they'll come to you, too.

Spotted by Instagram user @jamiesanchez, the limited edition 99-can case looks pretty spectacular on the camera, and probably in real life, too. The case costs $175 (prices my vary), which isn't bad one bit for what you're getting. There are three types of brew in each box: Original, Easy (a light lager), and Extra (a higher ABV than the original). And if drinking straight from the can gets boring, you can always explore a few beer cocktails, which will be extra merry this holiday season.

Just make sure you don't head to the store alone — you'll need a buddy or two to help you carry it home. Besides, that's what drinking buddies are for anyhow, right?

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