We think nothing of carbo-loading on waffles, pancakes, and doughnuts at breakfast and brunch, so why not pasta? It might seem like an unlikely choice, but noodles like pho and ramen are part of the morning meal around the globe. Here are some popular pasta for breakfast options from our site. Sounds like the perfect excuse to throw a brunch bash, right?

Bacon and eggs tossed with spaghetti? This beloved pasta dish from Italy totally hits the morning yum button by combining breakfast staples with noodles and then adding shredded cheese to complete the crazy delicious picture. Pro tip: A friend swears by her wok as the perfect vessel for whipping this dish into a creamy/dreamy delight.

Popoli, 101 3rd Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404_Traditional Carbonara
Popoli, 101 3rd Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404_Traditional Carbonara

This recipe was inspired by a kayak trip, which included quickie breakfast cooked by the campfire. It's ready to dish up in just 10 minutes. Pro tip: Look for larger version of these teeny grains of semolina pasta, sometimes referred to as Israeli couscous.

Photo by Gina

Make extra noodles the night before and fold them into this clever scramble that's finished with a quick trip under the broiler. Pro tip: Toss in some chopped broccoli to make this dish extra colorful and add a healthy component to this easy-to-make morning meal.

Photo by Baking Nana

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