By Carl Hanson

These 5-star mini-meatball recipes will put the perfect spin on your football party.

1. The Best Sweet and Sour Meatballs

These sweet-and-sour meatballs are kind of a metaphor for football. Sometimes the game's going super sweet for your team; they're getting all the bounces and the breaks. But then, say, with just minutes to go in regulation (looking at you, Falcons), things can suddenly take a sour turn, and all is lost. (Or won. It goes both ways.) Taken together, though, the sweet and the sour, it's a beautiful experience. That's football. That's life. And also these meatballs.

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

2. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Beef ain't the only ballgame in town. And there's no deception intended here. If you love Buffalo wings, but don't want to mess with the mess, here you go. Also, the ground chicken won't deflate the flavor one bit.

Photo by Linda T

3. Waikiki-Style Meatballs

After the game, both winners and losers, they'll have the off-season to heal their battered bodies on the beautiful white sands of Waikiki. You can share the experience, vicariously, with these simple beef meatballs. Pineapple chunks and a little vinegar give them a distinctively Hawaiian flavor. Aloha!

Photo by Shearone

6. Cape Cod Cocktail Meatballs

Cape Cod is part of Pats Nation, of course. It's also cranberry country. And in this recipe, a little canned jellied cranberry sauce is the key to victory. Pros know, these balls are perfect as is -- don't alter 'em in any way.

5. Boudin Balls

Folks, you always gotta be looking for the surprise play!

And this is it. These meatballs are breaded and fried...and have a secret surprise inside. Coach John explains their appeal: "The textural contrast between the crispy outside and moist, savory inside is a wonder to behold. Intensely flavorful and satisfying." #Winning.

6. Bavarian Style Meatballs

The Super Bowl is a major international TV event. They'll be watching even in Bavaria, the home state of FC Bayern Munich, arguably the best European football team. Will Thomas Müller, Mats Hummels, and Manuel Neuer be riveted to the tube, cheering and chomping these Bavarian balls? Ja, natürlich.

Photo by DaveM

Wait, there's more! Let's take it to mini-meatball overtime!

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