Panera Just Launched an Accessory—And I Hate That I Want It

The wacky, Y2K-inspired accessory has captured my bread-loving heart.

Someone holding a baguette sandwich with a green baguette-style bag branded with the Panera logo on the table.
Photo: Noah Fecks for Panera

Panera likes to push the boundaries with its merchandise. Real fans of the fast-casual chain will remember when the brand introduced a "bread bowl" glove for your hands so one could drink iced coffee throughout the colder months. Well, hot off the release of three new baguette sandwiches, Panera is introducing a new baguette, but one you can't eat.

Panera's newest accessory may be their most ridiculous—and amazing—yet. Meet the BAGuette bag, a purse designed to perfectly fit one of Panera's baguette sandwiches. And yes, before you ask, you can actually buy one of these purses for all your food-forward fashionista friends, but more on that later.

A woman with a Panera branded baguette bag on her shoulder with New York City buildings in the background.
Noah Fecks for Panera

The Panera bag draws very blatant inspiration from the famous Fendi baguette bag, a staple piece from the late 90s/Y2K fashion, that has (along with all Y2K fashion) seen a major renaissance lately. According to lore, the original Fendi bag was actually designed to have a similar structure as a baguette; its slim profile is designed to fit under one's arm the same way the French carry home their daily loaf. Panera's version of the Fendi design swaps out the Fendi logo for a Panera-style "P" and comes in the chain's signature moss green hue.

While I don't bring home fresh bread every day, I pick up a baguette often enough that I have considered buying a long tote bag just to bring the bread home. So I must admit, as silly as it is, I want to get my hands on one of these BAGuettes.

There's no denying Y2K nostalgia rules everything right now from food to fashion, and everything in between. This accessory sits right at the intersection of fun and functional—so long as you don't actually use it to tote around one of Panera's saucy sandwiches.

How to Get Panera's New Baguette Bag

Want to get your hands on one? Panera is releasing 500 of the limited edition BAGuette purses on with a pre-sale starting on February 7, just ahead of the start of New York's Fashion Week. The bag costs $39.50 and comes with a real, edible baguette, to keep the fashion-forward foodies looking good, and eating good.

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