By Leslie Kelly

Our best sheet cake recipes

Suddenly, everybody's talking about sheet cake. These monster-size sweet treats have been around forever, of course, with Texas laying claim to making them an essential ingredient at parties, cook outs, family dinners and church suppers. We've rounded up our most popular variations, all rated 4.5 stars, or higher, by our community of home cooks. Try one and let us know what you think in a review!

So Many Assorted Flavors

Hooray for the rainbow of options among these beloved variations, from rhubarb to pumpkin, pineapple and, of course, chocolate!

G.G.'s Chocolate Sheet Cake | Photo by KGora


This iconic cake first cropped up as a recipe in the Dallas Morning News in 1957, according to the Texas Monthly. The original contained buttermilk and cocoa powder, among other classic baking ingredients. Naturally, the classic has been tweaked many, many times. Check out this short video on how to make the vanilla version, as well as the list of various takes on the traditional.