By Carl Hanson
August 01, 2017

A simple, slowly cooked meat sauce is comfort food of the highest order. Here are 9 of our very favorite recipes. Saucy, rich, and meaty, these spaghetti sauces are made with deliciously different meat combinations -- some are all ground beef; others beef and sausage; veal and beef; ground pork and beef; and even one that calls for pork spareribs and chicken thighs.

Ground beef and mild sausage get it done here. "This recipe is rich, aromatic, flavorful and makes A LOT," says Fabius. "Extra sauce freezes well for future pasta dishes. It was given to me as part of a wedding gift recipe collection from a very dear friend."

a side view of a thick, meaty-looking red sauce on a plate of pasta with garlic bread in the background
Photo by Melissa Goff
| Credit: Melissa Goff

Ground veal and ground chuck simmer in a rich tomato sauce with chopped sweet, mild Cubanelle peppers. "This is easy to put together," says Buckwheat Queen. "It seems hard to believe but it really does get thick like a ragù in only thirty minutes."

Cubanelle and Veal Bolognese
Photo by Buckwheat Queen

Bolognese is a classic Italian meat sauce starring ground beef, plum tomatoes, and aromatic vegetables. This meat sauce simmers for 4 to 6 hours -- the longer the better. The rich flavors will concentrate and the meat will become incredibly tender.

Here's one for the slow cooker. It combines ground beef and Italian sausage. "This creates a great, chunky, and very meaty spaghetti sauce," says Ashley. "The longer it cooks, the better it tastes!"

Meat-Lover's Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce
Photo by CookinBug

Hot and mild Italian sausages combine with ground chuck in this rich tomato and meat sauce. It simmers on the stove for hours, developing a flavorful and rich sauce. "Thick and meaty," says Michael, "A very flexible recipe and great to freeze for last minute needs."

Mama Palomba's Spaghetti Sauce
Photo by Buckwheat Queen

The secret to the World's Best Lasagna is the sauce. This sauce! It combines sweet Italian sausage and ground beef in a seasoned tomato sauce. "Very rich tasting -- robust may be more appropriate," says MOONPIE67. "The taste is excellent."

This rich, velvety sauce includes ground beef, ground pork, chicken liver, and pancetta simmered in a beef stock-based sauce with cream and white wine. "This is so rich and lovely and filling and beautiful," raves SOGOLONDJATA.

North Italian Meat Sauce (Ragu Bolognese)
Photo by naples34102

These meaty meatballs are made with ground pork, sweet Italian sausage, ground beef sirloin, and ground chuck. "The best meatballs ever!" raves Laura.

Bon Appetit's Meatballs
Photo by naples34102

This super-rich tomato sauce features slices of beef shank, pork spareribs, and chicken thighs. The browned meats simmer in the tomato sauce until they're fall-off-the-bone tender. "This sauce goes by many names, including Sunday sauce, since that's the day it's traditionally made," says Chef John. "As long as you cook the meat long enough, and season thoughtfully, there's really no way this sauce isn't going to be great."

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