By Carl Hanson
August 21, 2017

Super-ripe summer tomatoes don't need much dressing up. When fresh tomatoes are in top form, the best preparations are to let the tomato flavor do the talking. And these top-rated tomato salad recipes respect the tomato at its peak.

Our Best Fresh Tomato Salad Recipes

Fresh, colorful heirloom tomatoes are quartered and combined with olive oil, mild rice wine vinegar, rosemary, and oregano in this light, refreshing salad. "The sweetness of the ripe heirloom tomatoes was so nicely mixed with the rosemary," says Plates4u. "It was so fast and so good."

Photo by Kim's Cooking Now

Jalapeno peppers provide a touch of heat to this corn and fresh tomato salad, and the creamy dressing cools things down. "Super easy, SUPER TASTY!" raves mcfarla4. "Perfect for a cookout. Will def make again and again!"

Photo by lutzflcat

Fresh tomatoes are sliced into wedges and combined with cucumbers, onions, and a simple oil-and-vinegar salad dressing. "This was superb," says Angel. "The sugar really helps to balance out the acidity of the tomatoes and vinegar. Favorite salad ever!"

Photo by lutzflcat

Use super-ripe cherry tomatoes in this irresistible bread salad. "The key is frying the bread cubes in olive oil in a skillet," says Chef John, "which makes them crispy. But the healthful fat also soaks into the bread cubes and renders them semi-waterproof, or dressing-proof. The same goes for the dusting of Parmesan cheese applied halfway through the crisping process."

Cayenne pepper brings a hint of fire to this summer salad starring fresh tomatoes, cool cucumbers, bell peppers, and red onion rings. "Very tasty, I love the hot and sour flavors," says Wyattdogster. "Can't wait to make this in the summer with homegrown vegetables."

Photo by Molly

This cool tomato salad gets a tangy punch from sour cream, balsamic vinaigrette, and lemon juice. "Just love this," says Pirate. "It's a simple, quick, and tasty salad to assemble."

Photo by naples34102

"Heirloom tomatoes, ripe peaches, and fresh mozzarella are layered and topped with a simple balsamic vinaigrette," says Julie Hubert.

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

Slices of heirloom tomato are layered with buttery burrata cheese and beautiful fresh basil leaves, along with a healthy drizzle of olive oil. "Wow! So simple but so good," raves Terri. "Worthy of a black tie dinner!"

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

It's bruschetta in a bowl! Crushed garlic bagel chips are the secret ingredient in this fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese, red onion, and fresh basil salad. "So good," says Kelly. "Best with freshest tomatoes!"

Photo by Molly

This salad combines the best of summer produce -- sweet watermelon and ripe tomatoes. The result? "A light and tangy mix of sweet, sour, and salty flavors," says kimbaleelou.

Photo by Dianne

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