Break out the bubbles and get ready to dish. It's red carpet time on Sunday, April 25, 2021 as the 93rd annual Academy Awards celebrates the best achievements of movie magic. We've teamed up with Allrecipes Magazine to bring you ideas for hosting a star-studded Oscar® viewing party, from invites to small bites. Cheers, dahlings!

Oscar Party
Oscar Party | Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

Cast of Thousands

Okay, so maybe you're not hosting thousands. But since you're gathering with your film-fan friends to celebrate an evening of bubbles and back-biting Hollywood hoopla, send out invitations that set the tone for the festivities to come.

Where to shop: You can find lots of free online invitations with awards night themes at sites like Paperless Post, Evite, and Punchbowl.

Set Decorations

Oscar Party Gold and White Decoration Ideas
Oscar Party Gold and White Decoration Ideas | Photo by Meredith

You know what goes with little gold statuettes? Gold everything else, of course: balloons, paper streamers, banners, tablecloths, napkins, and so on. Balance out the gold rush with pure white, and you've got Hollywood glamour goin' on.

Where to shop: Party stores are always reliable sources for basic white and gold goods. Search Etsy for mini chocolate award statues.

Swag Bags

Oscar Party Swag Bag
Oscar Party Swag Bag | Photo by Meredith

At last year's Oscars, the infamous swag bags handed out to the anointed few were valued at $100,000+. Each. If you're not quite the movie mogul gazillionaire, you can still whip up fun little party favor bags filled with budget bling like glittery nail polish, mini booze bottles, and gold-wrapped candies.

Where to shop: Hit up your neighborhood drugstore for nail polish and gold foil-wrapped candies (try Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey's Nuggets, Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates, and Rolo Chewy Caramels). You know best where to find the mini booze bottles.

The Envelope, Please

Everyone loves to try and guess who will be Oscar night's big winners. After the nominees are announced on January 23, you can download free printable Oscars Ballots widely available from sites like Vanity Fair. Distribute them to your guests to fill out and seal before the ceremony begins. At the end of the night, tally up the totals and give out your own awards for highest and lowest scores. Because if there's one thing Hollywood revels in, it's keeping score.

Star-Studded Bingo Night

Tinseltown might take itself seriously, but you don't have to. Make a game of Oscar night by downloading printable bingo cards so everyone can play along. You'll need prizes, of course. How about gift cards to a movie theater?

Where to shop: HGTV has seven different Oscar bingo cards you can print out for free. Go to a party store or office supply to get a pack of gold star stickers to use as markers. And just about any theater has gift cards.

Bubbles & Bites

Oscar Party Food
Oscar Party Food | Photo by Allrecipes Magazine
| Credit: Allrecipes Magazine

I'd like to thank the Academy for this 5-star menu of gorgeous, glamorous finger foods:

Chicken and Spinach Puffs. Assemble on Saturday and bake on Sunday.

Sausage-Stuffed Cherry Pepper Poppers. Assemble on Saturday and bake on Sunday.

Greek Salad on a Stick. Assemble on Saturday and refrigerate.

Chef John's Red Velvet Cupcakes. Bake in gold foil baking cups on Saturday; decorate on Saturday or Sunday.

Chocolate Popcorn. Make on Saturday and store in airtight container.

And what to swig? Bottles of bubbles or Champagne cocktails, naturally.

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