Oreo Is Teasing Our Sweet Tooth With the Announcement of Two New Flavors

Summer just got a little more delicious.

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Is there a mass-produced cookie that's more beloved than the Oreo? I can't even fathom a cookie that compares. They're perfectly dunkable, taste great on their own or as an ingredient in cheesecakes, icebox cakes, and other treats, and the cookie company regularly releases new flavors as part of a never-ending quest to find every possible twist on cookies and creme.

Speaking of new flavors, Oreo has two new limited-edition flavors lined up for this summer, and both are expected to hit stores soon. This news comes straight from Oreo itself, who held a Twitter press conference on July 8. The first, Salted Caramel Brownie, features two layers of creme — caramel and brownie, of course — and sprinkled salt on top of the cookie. This marks the first time Oreo has ever sported a topping, and hopefully that means more topped Oreos are on the horizon.

new oreo flavors - apple cider donut and salted caramel brownie

The second, Apple Cider Donut, sandwiches apple cider-flavored creme between two golden (so vanilla) Oreos, and looks specifically manufactured for the people who can't wait for fall.

Both flavors sound delicious, so it's good to know we won't have to wait too long to get our hands on them. Salted Caramel Brownie Oreos will hit shelves in July (they're already listed on Instacart), while Apple Cider Donut arrives in August. Both flavors are limited edition and will only be around while supplies last, so don't skip out on these if you're serious.


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