Another new Oreo flavor for 2020 was just revealed, too!


Updated to add: Release dates and additional information from Nabisco.

Oreo is back at it again, giving us amazing new flavors to look forward to in the new year. What can we ready our Oreo dunking kits for? There's a Tiramisu Oreo, so basically you can enjoy the famous Italian dessert in an easy, portable Oreo cookie form. Then, there's Dark Chocolate Fudge, which has a double dose of chocolatey flavor.

The Tiramisu Oreo cookie, which is a limited time release, will be available in April 2020 while supplies last. The cookies will have two different flavors of creme filling, one being white and the other brown, as if to represent the classic Ladyfinger cookie as one and mascarpone as the second, both of which are found in traditional Tiramisu dessert.

As for the other flavor, it seems to be in line with the new Fudge Covered Oreos series, and will be a more permanent flavor in the new year. These dark chocolate, fudgy Oreos will hit store shelves in January 2020 and be available any place that Oreos are sold. The cookies are filled with dark chocolate creme and coated in a rich, dark chocolate fudge.

Both sound incredible, so we can't wait to try them!

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