The Olympics may not happen, but at least we'll have Oreos. 

Suffice to say, there's a bit less enthusiasm for the "2020" Summer Olympics set to take place in Tokyo this summer than there might be under more normal circumstances. Fans won't be in attendance, a majority of Japanese people don't want the country to host, and prominent athletes like Rafael Nadal say they're skipping the event. 

Still, don't tell any of that to Oreo, the official cookie and cracker sponsor of Team USA at the 2020 Olympics. They're forging ahead with a patriotic/Olympic themed sandwich cookie that the world's top athletes probably would only even dream of eating on their most indulgent cheat days. 

new team usa olympic oreos
Credit: Nabisco

This particular iteration of the Team USA Oreo incorporates three layers, making it more or less equivalent to the rare Triple Stuf. Fittingly, you'll find layers of red and blue creme flanking the existing white Stuf Oreo is known for. And lest you mistake this for some kind of Dutch Oreo when glimpsing it in profile view, there's a big ol' American flag stamped on the top, just above the Olympic rings. It's a useful pictorial clue in case you forgot this was a Team USA Oreo. 

Just in case the Olympics don't really go off as planned, the good news is that this Oreo has a special feature that can easily pivot it to a 4th of July-themed cookie. The layers of creme are embedded with little popping candies, so the Team USA Oreo kind of functions as a safer alternative to putting a sparkler in your mouth. 

Appropriately enough, these particularly patriotic Oreos will make their debut on June 14th, aka Flag Day, the most hotly anticipated holiday on the calendar. You'll find them wherever you find Nabisco stuff, probably through when the closing ceremony (hypothetically) takes place on August 8. 

So no matter how you feel about the Olympics at this current moment in time, at least we'll be getting some good snacks out of it — and that's worth almost as much as any gold medal.