PSA: You Can Now Customize Your Own Oreos Online

OreoID gives you control over color, image, and more.

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Photo: OREOiD

I'm not sure if you already knew this, but there are a lot of different Oreos out there. Too many of them, in fact. Given that these creme-filled cookies now seem to represent every conceivable holiday and flavor scenario, you could probably forgive Nabisco for running out of ideas.

Now, it seems, they're leaving the creative legwork up to us, thanks to a little something called OreoID. Much the same way Nike ID (now Nike By You, it seems) let millennials while away endless hours customizing shoes their parents would never let them buy, OreoID lets you customize an Oreo to suit your cookie consuming desires along a variety of dimensions.

There are two tiers of customizations available. For those who only want to make subtle tweaks to the creme filling colors, you can choose from a rainbow of filling colors (plus white) for your Oreos, similar to the Pride edition Oreos that circulated recently.

But it's when you declare your intent to "customize everything," as the site says, that things get really exciting. Beyond filling color, this opens up a plethora of options, letting you choose from a fudge or white fudge dip for the cookie, an array of bright, brilliant sprinkles (with the option to add as many colors as you like), plus the ability to upload your very own image and customized text across a number of fonts. For all those options, though, it sadly seems like you're stuck with the same original creme flavor.

In addition to letting you pick your preference when it comes to the Oreo itself, there are plenty of options in terms of order size. For the more basic creme color customization, you can choose from packages containing anywhere between two and 24 Oreos, Though there are minimum order requirements for anything below the 24 pack. Prices range from $2.50 per two-pack to $20 for the 24 pack.

For the more fully customized Oreos, things are naturally a little pricier. One individual custom cookie starts at $2.50, and a 24-count gift box ranges up to $52.95. Similar minimum order requirements also apply in this case. It also takes the customized cookies eight to 10 business days to process.

Though certainly not the cheapest cookies around, anything from OreoID is sure to be a hit next time you're thinking of sending a gift or celebrating a special occasion. Just make sure to proofread whatever text you add before checking out, because that would be embarrassing.

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