It's like the Global Seed Vault, but actually important.
global oreo vault
Credit: Oreo

2020 has been a historically awful year, but it isn't the end of the world — at least not literally. Still, it feels like jokes about the end of the world elicit a more nervous type of laughter than they did in years past, given the sliver of truth that might be hidden within them. 

With that said, the threat of some sort of global apocalypse is at least real enough to serve as the premise for a viral stunt from Oreo. Taking a page from the Global Seed Vault located above the Arctic Circle in Norway, the cookie company built a vault of their own, suggesting that the famous sandwich cookie with a creme/cream filling is just as worthy of surviving an extinction event. 

As explained in a five-minute video offering a behind-the-scenes look at Oreo's efforts, the very real vault has its origins in a single tweet asking who would save the Oreos from an asteroid expected to pass within a few hundred thousand kilometers of earth on November 3. Shortly thereafter, Markus Thorland of Johansdøtter Architecture got to work, putting together plans for an Oreo Vault, which was ultimately finished just weeks after the initial October 3 tweet. 

Located "down the road" from the Global Seed Vault, the completed Oreo Vault exists as a concrete bunker loaded with Oreos, plus powdered milk that can be mixed with snow in order to ensure that the cookies can be eaten the right way. Of course, that doesn't account for the possibility of global warming getting rid of all of Norway's snow by the time we'd really need to access the Oreo Vault, but at least they did something

So if you happen to still be around after the apocalypse and finding some Oreos happens to be your top priority, head to 78º08'58.1" north and 16º01'59.7" east in order to get a hold of the goods. Hopefully the Oreos aren't stale by then, but I suppose we have much bigger problems if the planet's expiration date comes first.