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Finally, you can add as much creme to your Oreo cookie as you want.

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For everyone still mourning the tragic loss of Dunkaroos, Oreo just brought back a treat that might be a worthy substitute for the popular ‘90s snack. Oreo Cookie Sticks ‘N Creme Dip have started hitting shelves at Target, and we're already planning to stock up for our afternoon snack.

Photo courtesy of Target

Just like Dunkaroos, you can scoop up as much of that irresistible Oreo creme as you want with each bite. And since they're snack-size, you don't have to worry about sharing or double-dipping either. The cookie sticks themselves are just like regular Oreo cookies, so you can build your dream Oreo with as much (or as little) creme as you want. We guess that means you can also just eat the chocolate cookie sticks if that's your favorite part of the Oreo, but we wouldn't dream of letting the creme go to waste.

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Photo courtesy of Target

Like traditional Oreos, the snack packs don't need to be refrigerated, making them perfect for on-to go snacks and brown bag lunches. Right now, it looks like you can get a box of 12 for just $5 at Target. That should be more than enough to try out at snack time for the rest of the week, with a few to share too.

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Most excitingly, the new cookie sticks are joining Dark Chocolate Oreos as a permanent item, so if you try them and love them, they won't be going anywhere any time soon. We only wish the same were true for other limited-edition Oreos, like their Most Stuf cookies.

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The only downside is that each individually wrapped pack only has six cookie sticks, and we're not sure if we can stop at just six. But since each pack is only 140 calories, feel free to toss an extra in your bag if six cookie sticks just isn't enough.

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