Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut will be on shelves next year.

OREO Chocolate Marshmallow & Caramel Coconut
Credit: Oreo Instagram

Can't resist a few Oreo cookies dunked in milk? You'll have two new flavors for your snack time spelunking in January 2020 — and both sound so delicious.

What might these flavors be? Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut.

The brand broke the news on Oreo's Instagram when they posted a video on their page, and commenters were beyond excited — and a bit amazed that the cookie company was able to keep the news quiet this long.

The Chocolate Marshmallow is a classic chocolate Oreo cookie with a delicious chocolate marshmallow filling. So, it's like double chocolate with some gooey, rich marshmallow to smooth it all out.

As for the Caramel Coconut, it'll also be the standard chocolate Oreo cookie but with a caramel coconut filling, which is more like a sweet coconut crème. These should be hitting stores in January, right at the start of the New Year.

And according to one user's question and the brand's reply, the Peppermint Bark flavored Oreos are on shelves in specific locations now, so keep your eyes out if you want those, too. How amazing for the holiday season when dipped into some peppermint mocha or spiked hot cocoa! You could even use those to make Oreo Snowman Cookie Balls.