These Oreo-Scented Candles Are a Gift Nobody Can Refuse

It's like a kitchen that smells like Christmas cookies, but better.

oreo candles on bright background
Photo: Oreo

While the Oreo might not be the platonic form of a cookie, it's certainly one of the more universal snacks around. That's helped by a plethora of both creme and cookie flavors, including recent holiday additions to the lineup like gingerbread, which help it appeal to pretty much every conceivable taste.

But what if an "Oreo" was something that you couldn't taste at all, but only smell? That seems to be the central premise of a new scented candle sold by Nabisco/Mondelez in time for the holidays. Sold on Oreo's website, a product description implies that it's the perfect gift "if you've ever wanted to trick your guests into thinking they just stumbled onto a tour of the Oreo factory." I'm not sure what might lead them to mistake your home for an Oreo factory, but it sure sounds like the candle gets the job done.

Based on its $12.99 price tag, it looks like this gift would be a simple way to satisfy the Oreo fiend on your shopping list. But upon closer investigation, would it not be torturous to gift someone an Oreo they can smell but cannot taste? If Edgar Allan Poe suddenly came back to life and had to write a whole bunch of short stories, this kind of potentially nightmarish scenario would probably make the cut.

On the other hand, you could avoid all that by making sure to also give them some Oreos, which the product description says creates "that full 360 experience." They're probably just trying to upsell you on some cookies, but there's no doubt that the candle can enhance the olfactory experience of snacking.

So if you have a gifting budget of precisely $13 plus shipping for someone who eats an alarming amount of Oreos, you know what to do. And if you want to customize some Oreos for that lucky gift recipient, I'm sure they'd appreciate you a whole lot more.

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