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The flavor drop includes a Baskin Robbins and Oreo mash-up.

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Life is always better when you have something to look forward to, and this summer, Oreo has got cookie lovers seriously covered on that front.

The cookie brand is famous for always changing up their taste and design—Mindy Kaling, for one, is a fan of their extensive catalogue of fun flavors—and Oreo-connoisseurs sit on the edges of their seats waiting to see what the company will come up with next. As of Monday, the wait is over, as Oreo announced five new flavors being released from now through August.

The first flavor, available on Monday, is a returning favorite: S'mores. The campfire classic in Oreo form features two graham cracker-flavored cookies sandwiched together with marshmallow and chocolate-flavored cream.

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The next cookie to be released was designed for the fancy coffee lovers among us. The Oreo Thins Latte comes with thinner-than-normal Oreo cookies filled with java-flavored cream. You can expect them to start hitting grocery stores in June and then stay there, as it's the newest permanent Thins flavor.

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June will also bring Marshmallow Moon Oreos inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing. Not only will the limited-edition cookies come in glow-in-the-dark packaging (complete with anniversary stickers!), the wafers themselves will be stamped with three fun, lunar-themed designs. Even better, the cream inside is a galactic purple!

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July is ice cream season, and Oreo is celebrating by teaming up with Baskin Robbins to release a Mint Chocolate Chip flavored Oreo in mid-July. The insides of this ice cream-inspired treat will include both mint and chocolate cream, speckled with chocolate chips.

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Finally, to close out summer, Oreo will be unveiling limited-edition Maple Creme Oreos in late August. The flavor includes two Golden Oreo wafers stuffed with, you guessed it, sweet maple cream. Canadians are sure to love them.

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