By Carl Hanson

Yes, when you go to bed a bit boozy, and wake only to regret the woozy sight of morning, let these greasy breakfasts be your Rx. While any of these recipes will set you on the path to recovery, only one -- The Denco Darlin' -- was designed in a university setting (okay, fine, a university-adjacent setting) specifically as a hangover cure. Check it out. And stay tuned below, we have seven more ways to minimize a hangover.

How to Cure a Hangover

When a bumpy night carries over into an even bumpier morning, you want grease. That means sausage. It means gravy. It means both in one eggy, cheesy make-ahead casserole.

Country Breakfast Casserole
Photo by YearnForTheBurn

You will also be needing hash browns. Enjoy them responsibly.

Emily's Famous Hash Browns
Photo by KGora

This casserole combines the hashbrowns, bacon, cheese, and eggs in one dish.

Good news. Researchers in South Korea uncovered evidence that compounds in asparagus might "alleviate alcohol hangover and protect liver cells." Take the Rx that also includes bacon and Swiss cheese.

Asparagus Quiche
Photo by Aimee2112

Sleep through breakfast? Well, maybe it's best to move this greasy bacon cheeseburger. You mix the bacon and cheese right into the patties (and you can always pile on more later). This hangover remedy also features invigorating horseradish. It'll get you back on your feet. Feeling dangerous? Put some Bacon Jam on the bun.

Cheddar Bacon Hamburgers
Photo by Krista L.

And speaking of bacon, there's this. Now, nobody with a hangover wants to be weaving a bacon blanket around a meaty filling of sausage and Cheddar cheese; so make it and bake it in advance, then reheat, and top with eggs and hashbrowns. Or sandwich a slice between halves of hot biscuits.

The One True Hangover Cure: The Denco Darlin'

OK, now for the real deal. The above recipes are worthy contenders, yes. If nothing else, they're salty foods that will get you drinking water again. So good on 'em.

But this strange spaghetti and chili-based concoction, this is arguably the single greatest hangover cure of all time. It's the Denco Darlin'.

Does it work? Well, the big brains at The BMJ reviewed the data on hangover remedies, and came to this complete buzzkill of a conclusion: "No compelling evidence exists to suggest that any conventional or complementary intervention is effective for preventing or treating alcohol hangover. The most effective way to avoid the symptoms of alcohol induced hangover is [...wait for it...] to practise abstinence or moderation."

But did they try the Denco's Darlin? Doubtful. So while the science is still clearly out, the folk wisdom is most definitely in.

For decades, the Darlin' was served to hanging customers at a place called Denco's in Norman, Oklahoma. Unfortunately, Denco's closed its doors a while back -- presumably after the entire city and campus of the University of Oklahoma completely sobered up.

As a public service, I will now attempt to recreate it using a couple key Allrecipes recipes. Do not be alarmed by the sound of it. I assure you, it has your best interests in mind.

First, you need a spaghetti and chili base. The truest, closest thing would be Cincinnati-style Chili. Marbalet, the recipe submitter, describes it as "an unusual chili, with cinnamon, cloves, and even chocolate."

Cincinnati Chili
Cincinnati chili with spaghetti: the base of the Darlin' | Photo by Meredith

As the chili simmers and the spaghetti boils, go ahead and fry a couple eggs, to medium doneness. (Or make 'em runny if you prefer. Whatever your hangover can endure.)

Now for assembly. Spoon some hot cooked spaghetti on a plate. Ladle over some chili. Sprinkle generously with Cheddar. Then place the eggs on top.

But wait, we've totally forgotten the salad! Cover the eggs with a simple green salad. (Chopped romaine lettuce works great.) And finally, and this is really the key, smother the whole thing with Green Goddess Dressing.

Green Goddess Dressing

Go ahead, toss everything together: chili, spaghetti, cheese, lettuce, eggs, and dressing. Before you can say, "Why am I eating this?" you will be fully healed and ready to roll out into the new day.

More Ways to Cure a Hangover

Not entirely convinced? Here are 7 additional time-tested ways to minimize a hangover:

1) Hydrate. Then rehydrate. Then re-rehydrate. Always drink plenty of water while boozing. Then drink more water before bed. And again when you wake up. Also, don't stray too far from a bathroom.

2) Hair of the cactus. An extract from the prickly pear cactus was linked with a reduced severity of hangover -- mostly it seems to lessen the gross nausea and the general existential funk.

3) Consider the kimchi. The Romans drank cabbage juice both to prevent hangovers and to cure them. #pickleback

4) Order the artichoke dip. Extract from artichokes may prevent symptoms of hangover.

5) Or better yet, try the asparagus. Chemicals in asparagus might relieve hangover symptoms while also protecting liver cells. #WinWin

6) Wake up to a "prairie oyster." Raw egg yolk, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, a little salt and pepper -- the cure of choice for the 1878 Paris World Expo.

7) Shake a Ramos Gin Fizz. And finally, the "hair of the dog" theory of hangover remedies. This gin fizz is another raw egg cure, which also benefits from a vitamin-C infusion (lime juice), some rich cream, the rejuvenating properties of gin, and a whole lotta shakin', which gets the muscles moving and the blood pumping.