This Shop Sells Every Flavor of Pickle You Can Imagine — and a Bunch You Can't

Blue raspberry pickles, anyone?

assorted selection of pickles by one stop pickle shop
Photo: One Stop Pickle Shop

With Cyber Monday in the rearview mirror, most of us have either made a serious dent in our holiday shopping or are starting to seriously think/panic about it. While some folks are helpful enough to communicate their desires, there's always at least one or two people who seem impossible to shop for.

So what do you give to the person who seems to have it all? How about some unique pickles? That would seem to be the premise behind One Stop Pickle Shop, a family-owned Texas business focused on selling all sorts of gourmet pickles over the internet.

When I say they're selling all sorts of pickles, I really mean it. In addition to your classic bread and butter and dill pickles, the One Stop Pickle Shop contains a whole array of cucumbers that test the limits of not only how a pickle can taste, but how it can look as well.

Are you shopping for someone who likes to explore the outer reaches of the culinary universe? If so, you're going to want to hook them up with pickle options like Tropical Paradise, Mangonada, and Glorious Grape, to name just a few of the bold options. In addition to taking cues from all manner of fruits, there's also the wing seasoning-inspired Peppery Lemon, Spicy Pina (proving that pickles belong in more than just a Bloody Mary), and even a sweet Gummi Bear-inspired offering.

If you're in a pickle about which particular flavor would work best, the good news is that One Stop offers "Party Sampler" packs, which contain a whole collection of flavors. In addition to a "standard" party sampler with more tame flavors, you can choose from a spicy or fruit-themed party sampler to make someone's pickling dreams come true.

With pickle packs starting at just $5 for eight ounces, this is exactly the kind of "what the heck, why not" gift you can justify this holiday season. And even though Small Business Saturday may have come and gone, you can feel good about getting your assortment of odd pickles from a family-owned shop. Just make sure you have your phone ready to record whenever your recipient bites into one of these things.

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