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Did you know the traditional recipe for basic bread is already vegan? French baguettes, rolls, and many sandwich loaves are normally made with nothing more than flour, water, yeast, and salt.

Short breads like sticky rolls and sweet breads, however, usually contain animal products. Eggs and dairy give these breads their characteristic richness. But, thanks to coconut oil and creative cooks, there's no reason for you to miss out on these treats due to a vegan lifestyle. Here are some of the delicious baked goods can made vegan with simple substitutions.

1. Light Oat Bread

It takes just 5 minutes to make this bread, then your bread machine does the rest! This one will go down welll with the kids, and is healthy too. "Wonderful, light, soft texture. The kids went wild over it... I made a second loaf for the freezer and got it out the next day after the first one disappeared so quickly!" -- mom2hhh

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2. Super Moist Pumpkin Bread

Eggs? Who needs eggs? Coconut milk gives this pumpkin bread a moist texture and a wonderful new flavor while walnuts and shredded coconut give you something to chew on. Serve this with Whipped Coconut Cream for an incredible vegan dessert. "I was so glad to find a vegan pumpkin bread recipe, especially one with such a creative alternative! the coconut is a great touch and it really does come out very moist." — MISHKO

Photo by What A Dish!

3. Vegan Date Sweet Potato Muffins

Yes, you can still have delicious moist muffins without eggs. Dates and banana give this recipe great flavor and texture. "This was a very delicious, moist & satisfying muffin...vegan or not!" -- KareBear

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4. Vegan Whole Wheat Biscuits

Coconut oil is the secret ingredient in these light and crumbly biscuits. Watch and see how easy they are to make.

5. Russian Black Bread

The vinegar in this bread gives it a little bite, making it a great bread to have as a sandwich or with soup. "I bought Russian black bread and loved it.....this recipe is even better and so easy to make in a bread machine. It is the perfect bread to serve with a hearty soup...especially borscht!" -- Delores

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

6. Super Easy Rosemary Bread Machine Bread

This bread has no eggs or milk, and yet is still light and spongy. In fact, it's good enough to eat on its own. "Terrific recipe! I brought it to a dinner party, and it was a big hit with the crowd. Served with soft butter or olive oil, it is the perfect (and simplest!) appetizer." -- HeyJude

Photo by Bryn Flohrschutz Peterson


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