By Hayley Sugg
November 06, 2019

Good as a sweet lick or a simmering stirrer.

If you're looking for a unique candy option for holiday gifting (or just to satisfy your sophisticated sweet tooth), Waxing Kara's newest addition might fit the bill. Old Bay Honey Lollipops are available from the bee product company, and they are the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and spicy.

Old Bay Honey Lollipop
Photo: Waxing Kara

Buy them: $10/bag of 3;

Classic Old Bay flavor is combined with sweet USA-produced honey to make an irresistible treat. Waxing Kara suggests pairing the lollipop with a Bloody Mary or chai tea by either serving it on the side or giving the candy a quick swirl in the beverage.

You can also feel good about your purchase, because Waxing Kara takes the initiative when it comes to saving the bee population. They devote a portion of their farmland to plants, such as lavender and varieties of clover, that feed wild honey bees.

The Old Bay Honey Lollipops are available in bags of three, six, or nine with prices ranging from $10 to $24.

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