nutella gingerbread pancake kit
Credit: Nutella

Nutella is, quite frankly, one of the best jarred, shelf-stable products out there. Just looking at it takes me back to extra-special, Nutella-adorned childhood breakfasts, and I know I'm far from the only person who has such fond memories. So it's very fitting, then, that Nutella's newest offering is intended for reviving those ceremonial, chocolatey breakfasts with your own family (or on your own, because this is a no-judgment Nutella zone).

Nutella's new DIY Holiday Breakfast kit comes with everything you need to make Christmas morning memorable: ingredients for gingerbread pancakes, accordingly shaped cookie cutters, and a special jar of Nutella that looks like it's wearing a holiday sweater. That all comes in a 12-by-15-inch tin shaped like a jar of Nutella, which is a pretty endearing way to store odds and ends or your grandmother's sewing supplies. And I mean, come on, giant Nutella. It's beautiful.

Nutella isn't stopping with the breakfast memories there, however. Remember the Christmas sweater jars I mentioned a few sentences ago? Those are available for sale as well, and for every specially marked jar sold, Nutella is giving 20 cents to support No Kid Hungry up to $300,000. That's a lot of breakfasts.

nutella special edition holiday jars
Credit: Nutella

"In what has been a challenging and uncertain time, we recognize that many children will face hunger this year," said Todd Midura, Vice President of Marketing, Nutella North America in a press release. "We want to do our part to support No Kid Hungry to help give breakfast to children who need it. To do so, we created the specially marked jar for the No Kid Hungry campaign. This jar is also featured in the Nutella DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit to bring families together over special memories in the kitchen, whether in-person or virtually, while helping others in return."

You can get your own Nutella DIY Breakfast Kit at for $14.99, delivery and taxes included. If you want to make the gingerbread pancakes without buying a special tin, you can find the recipe there as well. And if you're feeling extra charitable, there's always the option to donate straight to No Kid Hungry.