If you hate your food touching, this is the pan for you.
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nordic ware's new 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 pans
Credit: Nordic Ware

As everyone struggles to find inspiration for simple, one-dish recipes that will feed the whole family for dinner, Nordic Ware has been tinkering away in their factory, preparing the release a pan that is sure to revolutionize mealtime. Meet Nordic Ware's new Divided Pans, perfect for cooking multiple dishes at the same time, all while only dirtying a single dish.

The divided pans come in two sizes: a 2-in-1 saucepan and a 3-in-1 saute pan. The 2-in-1 is a little deeper, and its two sections are perfect for cooking classic combinations like bacon and eggs, chicken and broccoli, or even pasta and marinara sauce. The 3-in-1's compartments are little shallower, but are perfect for preparing a whole meal or reheating different types of leftovers at the same time.

nordic ware's new 2-in-1 divided saucepan
Credit: Amazon

The pans are made with cast iron, so they distribute and maintain heat easily, and are perfect for using on gas, electric or ceramic stovetops. While they're not recommended for the dishwasher, they are equipped with a PFOA-free non-stick coating that makes them super-easy to clean. Plus, you probably won't even need to run the dishwasher since you're only using the one pan.

Nordic Ware's new 3-in-1 divided saucepan
Credit: Nordic Ware

In addition to convenient cooking, these divided pans are perfect for the picky eaters—especially the child (or adult!) who refuses to eat food that is touching. They'll love this pan, and since it retains heat so well, it's perfect for serving food and keeping it warm at the table. Both of these pans are perfect for families, especially ones where adults and children share meals but aren't always eating the exact same thing. It's easy to separate a sauce into a spicy and non-spicy serving, or leave some people's green beans unsalted—now it's easy to accommodate everyone's preferences. These pans are sure to become your new go-to, and right now they're available on Amazon for $41.15 each.