This super-fast summer scramble has two big things going for it.


It's incredibly fast.

If you have 10 minutes to spare in the a.m., you can make this summer scramble.

The high-heat technique means the eggs aren't soupy.

The juicy cherry tomatoes don't water-down the eggs because there's just no time for the liquid to bleed out.

Here's How You Do It:

1. Put all the ingredients (beaten eggs, red pepper flakes, halved cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, and sliced basil) together into one bowl. There's no time to add them separately.

2. Then slide everything into a hot skillet over some shimmering oil.

3. Also, keep a spatula in hand, as you count off 5 seconds (One-Mississippi-style if you like), letting the eggs bubble.

4. Then do this! With the spatula-free hand, move the skillet back and forth (or, if you prefer, to and fro), while, with the spatula-hand, you fold the eggs around, cooking until they're set. This will be a matter of mere seconds.


5. Boom, breakfast is served! Yes, there may be a little moisture on the plate. That's what toast is for.

Watch Chef John in action.