But Easter Peeps are still on track for 2021.
Halloween Peeps
Credit: Amazon

Americans may be eating more candy and chocolate this year, as we're all hiding out from the pandemic and seeking comfort in our favorite sweets, but there's one treat we won't be enjoying this holiday season: Peeps.

Just Born, the company that makes Peeps, announced they will not be releasing Halloween- and Christmas-themed marshmallow Peeps this year. That means no orange jack-o-lanterns, no green monster heads, no sparkling ghosts, and no black cats.

According to Blair Candy Blog, this is the first year since 1958, when the seasonal marshmallows were first released, that we will not have Halloween peeps. Christmas Peeps also will not be happening, so no Christmas trees or jolly snowmen, and no candy cane-flavored chicks or gingerbread men.

Certainly lots of other candy brands will be filling the sugary void left by Peeps — Hershey's released a new Kit Kat flavor for Halloween, and M&M's has a new sugar cookie flavor — and there will be no shortage of fun homemade Halloween cookies and cupcakes, but we would be lying if we said we aren't going to miss those jolly little jack-o's and those swell looking snowmen.

And don't worry that this is a bad sign for spring Peeps. Just Born says they have no plans to cancel the bunnies and chicks for spring 2021. Those are still expected to start rolling out early next year. At least, we hope.

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