By Kelly Green
November 21, 2017
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'Tis the season to be baking! Make your cupcakes stand out all year long with these awesome cupcake liners. Even if your cupcakes come out subpar no one will care when they are this beautifully dressed.

These are so pretty that I would have a hard time throwing them away, even after they were bound with crumbs. They come in a rainbow of shades which should make any color scheme or holiday easy to match.

Filigree Artistic Bake Cake Paper Cups
Photo courtesy of Amazon

For those that love to eat words, these sweet little liners have verse from the book wrapped around the body with a surprise key underneath.

Alice in Wonderland Literary Cupcake Liners
Photo courtesy of Amazon

For people that need a chance to express their royal side, these liners are a great way to do it. I'll bow to that.

Princess Crown Cupcake Liners
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Like an edible plant! These would really accent a garden party like nothing else. They are bright white and green and give off an air of freshness.

Wilton Petal Grass Shaped Baking Cups
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Edible Cupcake Liners

A German baking product company, Dr. Oetker produces edible cupcake liners made of crisp wafers. As the wafers are inherently light in flavor, the cupcake itself is accented but not overwhelmed. Genius on all counts. Sadly, they're not available anymore, but we hope this clever wrapper comes back soon.